Robin A

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Donna Prentice of Golden Care Senior Placement for assisting me in the placement of my mother. Donna, you made the very difficult and emotionally draining process of placing my mother in assisted care so much easier. Your priceless knowledge of available homes more than cut my searching in half. You were extremely kind and empathizing as I went through the process. You were flexible and accommodating with your schedule, to meet mine, as you accompanied me to various homes. Donna, you helped me to find the perfect fit for my mother. I am extremely satisfied with your services. I am also impressed with your follow through taking iniative to go and visit my mom after her placement. And calling me to make sure all is well! I am eternally grateful and will recommend you to anyone who I know that needs your services.

Dawn R.

I really enjoyed working with Donna. I had been in touch with her about a year prior to actually needing her services of locating a suitable home for my dad. She was a patient and caring resource whenever I needed her but when it was time to locate a facility for dad, she really shined. She helped us navigate all of our options from corporate facilities to small private run homes and gave us all the pros and cons of each. It was a lot like having a real estate agent only instead of looking for homes to buy, it was looking for homes with services. I am very happy with the facility we chose, as is my dad. At a time when emotions are running high it's nice to have a professional there to assist you in making the right placement decisions which made a difficult necessity much less stressful. Thank you Donna!

Kate & Bud

For the moral and alimentary support for what I call a very confusing situation. You make it seem very simple and I know it is NOT!

Karl 0. R.

St. Louis, Missouri

Testimonial for Donna Prentice, owner of Golden Care Senior Placement. This letter is written as a testimonial, referral, and sincere appreciation for the services provided by Donna Prentice, owner of Golden Care Senior Placement. By way of introduction, my name is Karl R and I live in St. Louis, Missouri. My brother, Michael R, lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona. This past August my brother, who has a chronic medical condition, had a medical emergency that resulted in him being transferred from the hospital to Life Center of Sierra Vista, a medical rehab facility. The staff at Life Care recommended that once his rehab period was completed, he be transferred to an assisted living facility.

Life Care had given us a few referrals for places to which he could relocate. As you can imagine, this is very difficult to arrange for a family member when you are separated by so many miles and time was running out. We needed to find a place for Mike fast. In our somewhat desperate search for a suitable assisted living facility with available beds, we lucked out and found Donna. Donna understood our dilemma as "out-of-towners".

She acted quickly, immediately dedicating all her available time to help us. Because of her experience, knowledge of the Sierra Vista retirement communities and persistence,· she was able to find a place that met all of my brother's needs. Working quickly and thoroughly, she met with Mike at Life Care, evaluated his condition and interviewed him to determine his wants and needs. She then matched those wants and needs to the right facility. Her approach exemplifies her understanding of the magnitude of this life transition for her clients. And as if that was not enough, she even transported him to the new assisted living facility. Her loyalty to my brother did not stop when she delivered him to his new home, as she has continually visited him ensuring that he is happy and adjusting well to his new environment.

She even has taken Mike shopping at Walmart and other places. This is just a small example of how she operates. She cares deeply about her clients even after the initial job of finding a suitable retirement place is complete. Mike considers her a true friend, as do we. The family is eternally grateful for all Donna has done for us and continues to do for our brother. We will gladly recommend her to anyone in need of her services, especially if there is no family in town.

Dana B

Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to memorialize what Donna Prentice has done for my father and my family.  Let me start by saying that my father is in a home in Arizona, I live in New York, and my uncles live in Oklahoma and Missouri.  With us being so spread out across the country accomplishing anything was a major feat.

When Donna placed my father with JR Caring Hearts, she did so with love.  Donna has also gone above and beyond.  With any other placement agent, my father would not have had the love, care or compassion that Donna has shown him.  Donna not only goes to see him, but she takes him shopping when she can and has also been an advocate for my father when it comes to his health and any issues which may arise at the home.

Donna has helped my uncles and me with arranging for the sale of my father’s assets, to pay for his care, as well as providing us with invaluable information about not only the home itself but also about the area.  Donna is a wealth of information about other agencies as well. Without Donna, my uncles and I would never have been able to find such a great home for their brother and my father.

On my last trip to Arizona, I was able to meet with Donna.  She is a wonderful person inside and out.  She assured me that my father was in the right place and even when to a swap meet with my father and me because she knew my father would love it.  She is the real thing.

I would highly recommend Donna should you need assistance in placing your loved ones whether you are near or far.  Donna will take care of all of the arrangements and you can feel good knowing that she is on your side.