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Matching a Loved One

When matching a loved one to an assisted living community, there are many factors to be considered, such as location, cost, current and future care requirements and amenities. Referral services can provide all this, as well as more community-specific information in minutes. It also prevents families from dealing with countless sales pitches from various homes.

In addition to the obvious information a family would want, referral services also have access to information such as pricing variables, occupancy rates, number of residents, residents to staff ratios, proximity to hospitals, family reviews, and resident complaints.

Saving Families Money

Referral services can save families money by helping them negotiate with the assisted living residence and making sure they get the correct level of care.

Prior to deciding on a community, most families will take a tour of the residence. Tours are necessary but vastly time-consuming, difficult and emotionally challenging. Working with a referral service could decrease the number of tours needed. In addition, referral services can provide scheduling assistance in arranging necessary tours.

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Keep the Independence You Deserve

Choosing the correct level of care that you need is vital to keeping your independence and quality of life..